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How to Wear a Flannel Shirt for Men

by Jamie Wilson
How to Wear a Flannel Shirt for Men

The flannel shirt has been loved in the past and has its reputation still to this day. Flannel is a staple in every man’s wardrobe that you can wear casually, relaxed, chill, but also semi-formal. Both men & women can wear check shirt outfits since these are the perfect solution for any weather season. Plus, they look amazing once paired up with denim pants & brown boots! If you need some advice on how to wear flannel, know that we’ve shared different flannel outfits down below.

Personally, you can’t beat a good flannel shirt. Throw on a pair of black skinny jeans and loafers and you’ve got yourself a cracking casual look that’s stylish and, in my opinion, the new classic.

Do People Still Wear Flannel?

Flannel shirts were huge in the ’90s. At first, they were worn & adopted by the grunge subculture, while nowadays everyone loves to wear them in retro & casual way. Men & women love them because they are easy to throw on & they also follow many different fashion trends.

Flannel Shirt – Colours?

Flannel shirts come in so many different colours that finding one in your favourite shade is basically mission impossible. However, the nature of flannel shirts is usually checked. Therefore it’s important to balance out your outfit keeping in mind this sort of pattern. Flannel shirts come in so many different colours that finding only one can be challenging. However, in our guide, we will present you with the top 8 most-common (yet cool & stylish) flannel shirts outfits.

1. Red Flannel Shirt

Red Flannel Shirt
@Ali Yılmaz via Unsplash

Finding a plain red flannel shirt can be a bit complicated. This is because red flannel shirts can look too wide, Santa-like, as well as too colorful on some men. However, if you go for long sleeves & some skinny jeans, you will love the vibe! Men love to wear burgundy, denim, or black pants along with their flannel shirts or even stylish jackets.

With simply red flannel shirts out of the way, we can concentrate on more viable and most importantly, stylish options. If red is your favourite colour and you definitely don’t want to look like you’re wearing your couch blanket, a red and black flannel shirt is what you need. This might be a simple look that we’ve seen many times before. However, it’s the most classic flannel shirt out there for a reason. Pair it with a grey or black plain T-shirt, as the checked pattern will be the main focus. Put on your favourite skinny jeans and trainers or boots and you’ll be ready to go.

2. Green Flannel Shirt

Green Flannel Shirt
@ArtHouse Studio via pexels

The green flannel shirt is often associated with the lumberjack look and will look the prettiest with a beard. Usually, once paired up with a pair of brown chinos or khaki pants, you will get the best look. It is also appropriate for the office if you love staple pieces & if you love your green flannel. These shirts should be left unbuttoned & you can pair them up with some stylish belts as well.

3. Black Flannel Shirt

Black Flannel Shirt
@RODNAE Productions via pexels

A black flannel shirt is a must-have autumn/winter choice since it is the perfect shirt with sleeves for this weather. Also, the color combo will suit dark & gloomy days that are ahead. You can match this shirt with any pair of either denim or black pants you own. This look should be worn with a leather jacket on top, as well as with some sneakers or boots when it starts to rain.

4. Blue Flannel Shirt

Blue Flannel Shirt
@Thegiansepillo via pexels

Layer your outfit by throwing on a long sleeve blue flannel shirt. Choose this outfit if you are still in school & you love to wear casual pieces. Once matched with black shoes, preferably Vans, this outfit will be the perfect street style and will look the best on younger men or even those who are off to college.

5. Yellow Flannel Shirt

Yellow Flannel Shirt
@Brooke Cagle via Unsplash

Flannels outfits wouldn’t have been complete without a dark yellow flannel shirt. This top is a must-have for men who aren’t afraid of color, and who love some vibrant pieces for the summer! You can wear any pair of white shoes with this outfit, make sure you find the perfect slim pants to complete the look. You can also wear a pair of shorts in the summer.

6. Purple Flannel Shirt

Purple Flannel Shirt
@JS Shariff via Unsplash

Men in purple probably love to dress-up & they follow all the beauty trends. It can be hard to make a purple shirt work, which is why you should go for your favorite trousers or a pair of solid denim jeans. Don’t forget some stylish beige or brown booties & you’ll love this look when out with your friends, or when going out on a date.

7. Grey White Flannel Shirt

Grey White Flannel Shirt

A grey/white shirt is a must-have item in your closet. If you don’t own one, make sure you shop for your perfect flannel. This top should be worn by men who love eye-catching details & who want to stand out, no matter where they go. How to wear this shirt? Incorporate a stylish watch as well as denim pants. Don’t forget that it is the most appropriate for some formal or semi-fancy gatherings since white will always scream class.

8. Brown Flannel Shirt

 Brown Flannel Shirt
@Uvais Ur Rehman via pexels

Nothing screams autumn like brown color. You should be wearing this shirt & this color during the entire fall season, no matter where you’re going. It looks cozy while you can easily dress it up with your favorite pair of jeans and a buttoned blazer. You can also throw on a vest if you love that stylish & masculine fit.

Are Flannels Business Casual?

Flannel shirts come in many different colors, which makes them even easier to pair-along. You can wear your favorite flannel to the office, as well as to some other formal events. You can make it business casual by:

  • Throwing on a wool or cotton blazer on top
  • Make sure you choose the right pair of pants
  • Always iron your pants
  • Don’t forget a black tie
  • Incorporate a watch, as well as a stylish belt as your two main accessories

Should You Tuck Flannel Shirt?

If you’re going to fully button-up your shirt (no matter which shirt this is), you should always tuck it in.

If you’re leaving your shirt unbuttoned and you are wearing a T-shirt underneath, you don’t have to tuck your flannel shirt. Wear it as a stylish & loose jacket since this will add to your casual look.


The great thing about a flannel or plaid shirt is that they come in so many variations and they practically suit every body shape going, so everyone can benefit from wearing one.

The flannel shirt works great as a layering piece – just team a white T-shirt and a pair of raw denim jeans with an unbuttoned flannel shirt over the top. This creates texture and adds a little bit of detail to your look, plus it gives you an extra layer you can do up in case it gets cold.

For the warmer months, there’s nothing I like more than wearing an oversized flannel shirt with a pair of shorts. Worn with a black or white tee underneath in case it gets too warm, then opt for taking the shirt off and tying it around my waist for another casual look that’s stylish and versatile.

The flannel shirt is the perfect transitional piece – worn in winter as a long sleeved version with the perfect layered look and in the summer you can opt for the short sleeved version. This will look great paired with boat shoes for that ultimate in summer casual.


A smarter look may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking of wearing a flannel shirt, but hear me out. Worn over a plain white tee or under a jumper you can have a smarter and a little bit different look for when you’re out in the evening. Don’t go for louder colours when picking out an evening shirt – you’ll want to keep them subdued and versatile so as to not throw off you whole look. Personally, I’d go for a shirt that has a base colour of white then layered with a blue or green over the top, just so you can team it with more colour options.

Try wearing a pair of smarter looking jeans rather than trousers. This keeps the outfit a lot more comfortable and less rigid when you’re wearing it. Go for a raw denim pair as these look smart straight off the bat and are dark enough to work in a more formal setting.

Throw on a pair of tasselled loafers in a deep burgundy or oxblood colour to add a little colour and detail to your look. This pair from G.H.Bass & Co are perfect for teaming with your outfit – sleek, stylish and classic they’ll see you through a number of occasions and be the perfect transitional footwear piece in your wardrobe.


This is probably the way that most of us choose to wear a flannel shirt, but just because you’re being casual doesn’t mean you can compromise on style. This shirt from Levi’s is spot on for pulling off a casual look this season as the colours are perfect for this season and it’s thick enough to be worn on its own.

Teamed with a pair of raw denim jeans as the colour is perfect for this season and thrown on a pair of trainers from Vans for good measure. A flannel shirt can work as a great layered look, simply wear a plain white tee underneath your shirt and leave the first three buttons done up and the rest unbuttoned. This adds detail and gives a slightly urban edge to your outfit, so it’s worth giving a go – you never know, you may surprise yourself and like it!


When we speak about flannel we, of course, mean the material rather than the print. Flannel itself has been around for centuries, with farmers and the working classes developing this material for warmth. It was cheaper to make and could be easily accessible due to the population of sheep and other various woollen animals.

No-one is clear on where the name actually came from – the French named it flanelle and the Germans flannel, and so we have decided on the name flannel. As the centuries moved on, the working classes still wore this fabric to work in but had developed new designs to make them more interesting than the plain grey that was the norm. This is where we saw the introduction of the classic checkered print in the shirts, solidifying its name in the world of fashion.

During the nineties, the flannel shirt was adopted by a sub-culture known as grunge. This particular sub-culture was fuelled with the music from people such as Kurt Cobain from Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

The best things in the fashion industry have stemmed from practicality. Just like the biker jacket or denim, the flannel shirt has persisted throughout the years and is now a mainstay of every man’s wardrobe.

How to Wear Flannel Shirts

  • Embrace the checks – flannel shirts are cool, show your shirt off with pride.
  • Get the classic colours right – red, black, blue, brown, grey, white and green, you’re not short of options.
  • Go lumberjack – pair your flannel shirt with a pair of relaxed fit jeans and Timberland boots for the perfect look.
  • Experiment – a horizontally striped flannel shirt can have endless combinations, be daring.
  • Style – smarten your flannel shirt with a pair of penny loafers or dress it down with a pair of trainers.

On That Note

The flannel shirt is a wardrobe staple. It can be worn casually or dressed up for a more formal occasion, the choice is yours. Like most fashion pieces we wear today, the flannel shirt stems from practicality and the working classes decades ago. We have simply adopted it to fashion. There’s nothing better than a piece of clothing that has a bit of history to it. After reading our guide, you’ll probably try to incorporate some tips & tricks on proper shirt tucking & color-matching. Remember that it is okay to wear flannel to many different events, both casual or formal, but just don’t wear them to a wedding. They are ideal for everyday wear and will suit everybody shape as well as age group.

Feature image from Pexels

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